TAX Refunds for

How to claim your VAT refund in
3 Easy Steps




Ensure that all required documents,

 as prescribed by the VAT Refund Regulations, have been collected. 

inspection (1)



Inspection and endorsement of goods by VRA Agent, Customs Agent or both.
submit (1)



Submit required documents via
In-Person or Postal claim

To learn more about who qualifies for a VAT Refund, check out the helpful video below:

Who can claim a VAT refund?

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It is vital that you provide the correct bank account details and Swift Code. It remains your responsibly to inform us timeously of any changes to your bank account details before the refund is paid to you.

Where can I Claim?

See our office locations and commercial ports of exit

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VAT Refund Agency is Proudly appointed sole VAT Refund Agents for the south African revenue service.

Kindly note that you can also visit the South African Revenue Service’s website for more information on VAT Refunds for Foreigners by  Click here
The External Guide for VAT Refunds, containing a condensed version of the process, can be accessed by clicking on External guide for VAT refunds