Inspection process

It is mandatory to present your goods for inspection when leaving South Africa. In order to do so, you are required to present all items to customs officials, VRA officals or both at the departure hall before checking in for your flight.

At Cape Town International, the inspection process is solely carried out at the VRA counters before departure.

At OR Tambo International if you are carrying high-value items such as electronics, watches, and jewelry both customs officials and our office need to inspect them. The customs inspection takes place before security and passport control, whereas our offices are situated in the duty-free area post immigration control.

Please note

In case you are unable to present your goods for inspection to a RSA Customs official, you are obliged to provide additional documents alongside the ones mentioned earlier. These documents include an original “export declaration form”, which must be signed and endorsed by a Customs official upon your arrival in your home country. The Customs official’s signature is a confirmation that the goods have been imported into your home country.