VAT Cards

Using your Value-Added Tax (VAT) refund in conjunction with a Mastercard can provide added convenience and security when traveling. By linking your VAT refund to your Mastercard, you can have your refund credited directly to your card, allowing you to access the funds more easily and securely. Additionally, using a Mastercard allows you to make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs while traveling, without the need to carry large amounts of cash. However, it is important to note that specific requirements and availability may vary depending on the country and merchant. It is recommended to check with your bank and the merchant before making any purchases or withdrawals.

Once you have received confirmation that your Card has been loaded you can check your balance by clicking the button

Important rules

It is important to be aware of certain limitations and restrictions when using your VAT refund and Mastercard.

  • The card may not be used for certain types of purchases such as internet purchases, car rentals, services, restaurant bills, hotel accommodation or fuel purchases.
  • Additionally, the card cannot be used to withdraw cash over the counter in a bank, and cash can only be withdrawn from a Mastercard supported ATM.
  • The card is not reloadable and funds cannot be transferred from this card to a different card or account. To locate an ATM where you can access your funds, you can use the link provided in the message:
It is important to note that there may be fees associated with using your VAT refund and Mastercard, such as transaction fees or ATM withdrawal fees. Additionally, the card may have an expiration date and any remaining funds on the card after the expiration date will be forfeited. It is important to keep track of your balance and usage to ensure that you are able to access your funds before the expiration date. It is also important to be aware of any foreign transaction fees if you are using the card outside of your home country. It is recommended to contact your bank or card issuer for more information on fees and any other terms and conditions associated with using your VAT refund and Mastercard.