General Information

At our company, we understand the importance of proper documentation when it comes to claiming a VAT refund. In order for a refund to be considered, only original tax invoices issued by a registered South African vendor will be accepted. Additionally, the total value of goods exported at one time must be at least R250.00, with this amount relating to the total value of invoices submitted and not a minimum value per invoice. Please note that goods consumed and services rendered within South Africa do not qualify for a VAT refund. However, in cases where movable goods are temporarily brought into the country for repair or servicing, the goods and services provided in connection with this may be eligible for a zero rate, provided that the non-resident has obtained a VAT 262 form at the point of entry into South Africa. Non-residents may then approach the South African vendor and, based on the provisions of the VAT 262 form, request that the supply be zero rated. The VAT 262 form must be retained by the vendor for record-keeping purposes. All movable goods purchased must be exported from South Africa within 90 days of the date of the tax invoice, and the VAT refund claim must be received by our agency within 90 days of the date of export of the goods. A commission fee is charged to cover the administration costs of the VAT Refund Scheme, with the commission rate at 1.3% of the VAT inclusive value of the claim, with a minimum charge of R10.00 and a maximum charge of R500.00 per refund. We have a calculator available to assist in calculating the commission fee and the value of the VAT refund. Diplomats posted to South Africa should contact their embassies or the South African Revenue Service for details about the VAT refund scheme that applies to them.